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Lambs at Dalew Farms are finished completely on forage, no grain is fed during this phase! The only time grain is fed to our sheep, is to our pregnant mommas, during the later stages of gestation, this is because sheep are more prone to pregnancy toxemia issues than are cattle

We feel that forage finishing lambs creates a healthier product, just as it does with our grass finished beef! (www.eatwild.com) Our sheep are also rotated on pastures several times per week, and having sheep and cattle both on the same farm and pastures helps to naturally reduce the parasite loads on those pastures, eliminating the need for chemical dewormers.

Rotating the lambs to new, fresh, clean pastures is vitally important to getting a good finish on these lambs to create a nice, flavorful and tender eating experience for you! We are currently excited about expanding our sheep flock both to catch up to the demand from folks like you, and because grazing sheep allows us to do lots of interesting and diverse things from an ecological standpoint on the farm.


Our son Jake has branched out and started his own little enterprise raising grass-finished goat meat alongside our lambs and some of our cattle, we now call this group our “Flerd” (flock/herd). We can say from experiencing it ourselves that Jakes’ goat meat is delicious! Did you know that goat is actually higher in iron and lower in fat than any other protein, including chicken! You can order Jake’s goat meat in season through Click Fork or by emailing him to reserve a whole goat freezer order at jakelewie10@gmail.com. The current price is $10.99/lb (hanging weight) and his goats are around 35-50 lbs.

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