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Please select this item to reserve a split half(a split half is a 1/4 mix of the front and hind) beef order for this fall (order will be ready in November or December of 2017)! 

A $350 deposit is required....or visit the following link to find out about our beef payment plan

The current price is $5.19/lb (hanging weight) and cut & wrap is included. So if you are trying to calculate the cost: $5.19/lb x 150lbs(approx)= $778.50 - $350 deposit)= $428.50 due on delivery *(this is an example only, weights vary usually between 120 to 160lbs).

We will send you a form to fill out closer to the summer to ask how you would like your order customized (you can choose how you want it cut up).

This price includes cut & wrap and hanging weight means before the animal is cut up.

1/4 Beef, ready *Fall/Winter* 2017

  • Product Code: Fall 2017 Split Half of Beef
  • Availability: 20
  • $350.00

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